Hey guys my name is Corey and I want to give you all a warm welcome to Paid2Tap. I am going to help you all through this journey as I am your official blogger, here to guide you through all of this. I know you all have questions and I am here to answer them for you all. 

What Is Paid2Tap? 

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The most common question of them all is what is Paid2Tap and how does it work? Well , Paid2Tap is an influencer network that works with online influencers from several platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and more to earn money with. The influencers can range from big time celebrities to normal average Joes. The influencers job is to bring in people to the site which increases ad revenue and gets them paid. Easy task. 

Paid2Tap is an example of how advanced we have become as humans. Who would’ve thought that you could make money from the internet by just clicking on a screen. You are only tasked with simple things on the website in order to make money. All you have to do is share a link and have others join under that link and you will be paid. There are also other ways to make money with us. Once you sign up, You are redirected to the dashboard and there you are given a surreal amount of offers and tasks to complete. These tasks are quite simple; they consist of downloading apps and completing surveys.One more way to make money with us is by posting on your social media accounts. Spread the word about us and get paid to do so. 


I want to give you guys an official  warm welcome to Paid2Tap. We are glad to have you all here, working hard earning money. I look forward to connecting with you all and hearing about your personal journeys. I am also looking forward to helping you guys when you get stuck on something and need further assistance. We want to make sure that you all get the full experience here at Paid2Tap. Utilize every feature to its maximum capacity, ask questions all the time, work very hard to earn as much as you can. 

Opportunities like this rarely come in life and taking advantage of these chances is really important.  Earning money online with us is very easy and there should be no reason why you aren’t doing so. We have no age requirements, we are free to join and also very easy to make money with. All it takes is putting in the work. The same time you’re on your phone to scroll through social media you can use it to actually gain money. The same time you spend playing video games or even taking afternoon naps you can be making money. A little extra side money has never hurt anyone. If anything , if you can work hard enough you can actually make more than some do with regular jobs. How sweet is that ! 

Thank you all for reading this blog and joining the website, we are going to have fun together. Make sure to leave a comment down below if you have any questions regarding anything please leave a comment down below .